For those not following the issues within the Democratic National Committee, it appears that there is a shift, or according to some an internal war going on.

You could say there have been issues for years as different factions have promoted their own issues and agendas. This has boiled over now with Independent senator Bernie Sanders running as a Democratic nominee for President. Why is this a problem? Well the Democratic party already had their nominee crowned and her name is Hillary Clinton. So what we have now are Bernie supporters, like myself being presented with a false dichotomy. Progressives versus Centrists, “True” Democrats versus the “New Democrats”, independents, first-time voters, those that are not of the elite and actually make up the working-class America the Dems are supposed to represent being pitted against lifelong Democrats. We are told that unless we want to give up our rights we must vote for Hillary even though she clearly is a centrist candidate that has advocated economic,and foreign policies that have hurt Americans.

The reality is that in America currently there is no true party of the people. Both parties have gambled with our rights, our economy, our environment, and our future. The belief seems to be that the social issues which I concede are highly important are the only issues. Unfortunately that isn’t true. The Democrats and Republicans have sold out to Wall St and big corporations and its happened nationwide. Social issues like abortion rights, access to birth control, the legalization of same-sex marriage are all very important but so are jobs, a lack of generational mobility, student debt, criminal justice reform, immigration reform, healthcare as a right, environmental justice, and so much more. In addition, despite the Supreme Court ruling there are no national anti-discrimination laws. While marriage has been legalized a lack of momentum in state legislatures means that the LGBTQ community is still at risk of legal discrimination.

Also while Obamacare has expanded Medicaid the working poor and small business owners are disproportionately affected. Either because employers are deciding to pay less or because its simply unaffordable to the point that the individual can qualify for an exemption as has been the experience for people in my immediate family. This is again due to a failure on the part of the DNC to elect up and down enough congresspeople to fight the GOP’s attack on healthcare as a right and their failure to advocate for single payer healthcare system. Multiple Democrats even distanced themselves from Obamacare rather than challenge the establishment and convince voters of the importance of Obamacare. They have allowed the GOP to establish a narrative that paints the Democratic party as weak and unrealistic. Voters get blamed when turnout is low as though that is the only reason why nothing gets done but thats talking points and it doesn’t accurately reflect the failure of the DNC to speak to and motivate voters.

The current job market, rising property taxes, unsuccessful wars, a lack of transparency in politics, gun violence, terrorism, educational costs, a lack of immigration reform, the fact that African-Americans continue to die at the hands of police all contribute to the frustration and disillusionment we feel towards establishment politics.
So here’s the thing, the DNC had options, they could have allowed a fair primary to go forward and gain new Democrats that support Bernie Sanders and abhor the rhetoric of the right or they could have done as they have, impeding a fair election and mocking Bernie’s supporters.
Marketing Hillary as the most electable candidate in retrospect seems ridiculous. Even if you look beyond Benghazi, the email scandal, the issues with the Clinton foundation, the selling of weapons to countries with human rights violations, there are still even more things the GOP can and will use against her in a primary. Bernie consistently is more likely to beat anyone on the right when compared to Hillary.

Maybe its time for America to end the two-party system that was never intended by the founding fathers. Until then though the DNC will need to reckon with its image, its leadership, its record, and prove to the American people that it will work for our votes. Until then I will continue to support the only candidate with strong values that can’t be bought. I endorse the candidate with a platform that addresses all of the issues that are important to America.

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